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The more Umno weakens, the stronger PAS gets

The signs were there long before GE13 that BN would break up.

On 22 June 2012 – more than six years ago – I’d blogged a post titled ‘Masa depan hubungan Umno-MCA tergugat’. I wrote, “Hubungan MCA-BN yang renggang bagai retak menanti belah”.

Today BN is as good as dead. Umno is, effectively, no longer burdened with the MCA.

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When MCA and Umno were together, they at least shared a genuine friendship dating back to their first cooperation in 1952. What binds DAP and Pribumi together is only a Faustian pact.

MCA people are fairly decent. DAP people? They’re full of bloodlust and the desire to destroy. MCA is already down and out but DAP wants the total destruction of its erstwhile Chinese rival.

I’m among the five percent Chinese who voted BN in 2013 and 2018. I voted to reject the DAP’s politics of hate, of annihilation. The 95 percent Chinese who voted Harapan are most welcome to enjoy their relationship with Pribumi, and DAP’s war against PAS.

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